After the loss of a dear friend or loved one, we sometimes wish we could speak with them.

There is a way to experience comforting contact, ask questions, resolve issues, and make peace.

Sensitive and supportive private sessions with a gifted Spiritual Medium are available by appointment.

Hundreds of survivors have benefited from these very insightful and uplifting dialogues. You can, too!

All sessions are confidential. A transcript and audio recording of your session will be provided as keepsakes.
Leisa Holiday
Leisa Holiday
Spiritual Medium

Mind creates the abyss ~ the heart crosses it.


Here And Beyond

I have never doubted that each person has an Essence, or an Essential Being, that lives on after the experience of physical existence. My work as a Spiritual Medium confirms this belief daily for me and my clients, whether we are concerned with matters of the here and now or the hereafter.

How the continuing Essence or Essential Being of mankind manifests itself is anyone's guess. The best most of us can do is to discover some evidence of an afterlife that satisfies us in this lifetime, and reserve judgment about the details of being nonphysical.

It is much wiser to focus on being joyful in this lifetime on earth, rather than worry about precisely how and where the process continues. The gift of physical life is indeed a delightful material experience that we were very much wanting to enjoy. So let us do so, both together and alone.

The flower may be gone ~ but the root lives on.


Echoes Of Lifetimes

I have conducted hundreds of dialogues with the departed. The sensory information that flows through me in a session with a departed person is visual, auditory, emotional, and intellectual and echoes the lifetime of the individual. I am able to perceive the departed person with clarity and convey the information in a heartfelt and conversational manner.

I believe that the Essence of the departed person allows this interaction with me for the purpose of comforting those who are still physical. By allowing me to experience many of their memories and articulate them vividly, the departed person enables the one contacting them to feel assured that they are indeed present in some form, and do remember this lifetime and their loved ones. Many questions are answered, and issues are resolved. Peace is made, and comfort is provided.

I am always delighted by the words and gestures and pictures that are conveyed through me by the departed person. Many pieces of evidence are provided by the departed person to assure their loved ones that although they are out of reach, they are still in touch.

Realize that grief is gratitude in disguise.


Framing The Dialogue

Oftentimes our loved ones will send us a sign to comfort us shortly after they depart. It is as if they look back while walking away to wave a quick good-bye to let us know that they are fine and still connected to us. Then they become absorbed in their transition from this lifetime.

I recommend waiting to contact a person through a Medium for several weeks after they depart to ensure that their emotional transition is fairly complete and you are calmer. This allows for a session that is highly satisfying to both you and your loved one.


When you schedule your session, I know you will be eager to volunteer information. However, I prefer that you do not tell me stories or background information. This ensures that when we have your session, the advance information that I receive and convey to you is not influenced by pre-session personal and family information, by "yes" and "no" responses to each bit of information I provide, or by body language. This enables both of us to know that your session is authentic and ensures that you have some closure.

The advance dictation that I receive before your session engages me for two or more hours and typically results in several pages of text. It includes information that I receive on contact with your loved one and any answers that I receive to the list of questions you provide after you schedule your session. Please keep in mind that I am not psychically reading the mind of you, or your loved one. I am engaging in conversation, which is two way, and quite different than a psychic reading. What comes through to me is what the person I am contacting is choosing to tell you at this time, so all of your questions may not be answered.

Since millions of spirits on the other side would like to communicate with this dimension, I will ask you to provide the first name and relationship to you of the person you wish to contact. This serves as a point of reference for me to be assured that I am in contact with the correct person.


Your session lasts for thirty minutes. I will record our voices with a digital device. The connection with your loved one can vary and will depend upon the cooperation of the person being contacted, the amount of information that is to be conveyed to you, and your personal need for closure.

I start your session by conveying the information that flowed to me from the departed person upon initial contact through dictation. This will include information I received regarding any specific questions you had asked in advance of the session. You may then ask additional questions of your loved one. Near the end of your session, we will have a brief discussion to assist you in closure.

Quite often I receive images from a departed person that span several decades of this lifetime. Usually an image reflects something that was of special importance or enjoyment to them. Sometimes I find myself displaying gestures or mannerisms that a person may have used. If this is the case with your loved one, I will describe them to you during your audio session.

Since the session time passes quickly, I recommend that you read the dictation transcript and listen to the audio recording of your session upon receipt, and again in the future. Most of my clients are amazed at how much evidential information did not register with them during their session, and how much information becomes more relevant in retrospect.

Now let the weeping cease ~ there is no end!


Arranging The Dialogue

If you would like to schedule a session, complete the contact form near the end of this page. Or you may leave me a voice message that includes your home or work telephone number and the best days and times to reach you. I will contact you within two days of receiving your message. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about my service and schedule your session.

The digital recording of your session includes the advance dictation I received, answering additional questions that you may have for your loved one, and our closing discussion. Your session ends shortly after 30 minutes.

When you schedule your session, you may request an additional 30-minute recorded session at a reduced rate. To assist you with closure, I will consult various oracles to reveal the key challenges and gifts you experienced with your loved one, the dynamic of your combined energies, insight into your connection in this lifetime, and any wisdom and direction your loved one wishes to offer you. This session is designed to help you to heal, to grow, and to inspire a deep gratitude for what has been and what will be as your personal journey continues to unfold.

You may choose video conferencing for a 60-minute session. Our personal interaction will enhance your experience.


Within two days of your session I will send you a transcript of the advance dictation, the digital recording of your session, a receipt, and a signed nondisclosure agreement to insure your privacy. You can choose to have me Email these items to you, or send you a CD via first class mail.


I pay for the phone call in the USA and Canada. I will telephone you to confirm a time and date for your phone session once I receive your Energy Exchange in the form of a cleared personal check or a money order or a money wire. Please include your full name, mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address with your correspondence. You may e-mail me your list of questions or include them with your Energy Exchange. Each of your questions should have a single focus and be brief. Please note that I do not answer questions about missing persons or objects or departed pets.


I will Email you to confirm a time and date for our Internet audio or video conferencing session once I receive your Energy Exchange in the form of a cleared personal check or a money order or a money wire. Please include your full name, mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address with your correspondence. You may e-mail me your list of questions or include them with your Energy Exchange. Each of your questions should have a single focus and be brief. Please note that I do not answer questions about missing persons or objects or departed pets.


Since a session requires several hours of my time overall, and due to the nature of my work, I request an Energy Exchange in advance. I ask this to be in the form of a cleared personal check or a money order or a money wire.

In the rare event that I am unable to contact your loved one, or receive very little information for you during dictation, I will reschedule the dictation and your session. If your loved one still offers very little information during dictation, I will promptly refund your Energy Exchange. Your loved one may choose to be cooperative in the future, or simply remain silent for unknown reasons.

Sessions By Arrangement

All sessions are confidential. After your session I will provide
you a transcript, digital recording, nondisclosure, and receipt.

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